Molecular Systems Engineering Lab

(Genomic Energy of Bioresources)

Department of bioinformatics

Molecular systems engineering deals with the development of microbial cell factories and bioprocess technology using in silico organisms. It is clearly facilitating the use of targeted genetic modifications in cell factories with desirable phenotypes to increase the production yield or robustness in the heterologous hosts. Our lab mainly focuses on the development of microbial cell factories for producing biofuel, bio-refineries, probiotics and recombinant therapeutics using in silico organisms. Our lab also intends on the rapid deployment of systems medicine approach to unravel the molecular networks of gut microbes, diets, drugs and human metabolism for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, Colon Cancer and Neurological Disorders. Perhaps, our group will enable to develop in silico organism resources from available x-omics and experimental data.


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