Cyanobacteria are free-living photoautotrophic organisms that are able to degrade aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in anoxic environments. We developed a database "Cyanobacterial Protein Structure Information Resource for C1 metabolism (CPSIR-CM)" with detailed structural and metabolic information of cyanobacterial proteins involved in C1 assimilation systems


A text mining approach was employed to identify the cyanobacterial proteins, which are responsible in mediating C1 metabolism. Standard computational prediction programs were used for accurately annotating the structural characteristics of proteins

Database structure

This database structure was organized for 13 major metabolic pathways of C1 utilization systems. We incorporated structural information of 317 proteins showing significant modeling score and proper query coverage in our database. Home page of this database displays the lists of cyanobacterial C1 metabolism with a detailed summary. The first page describes the enzymes present in individual metabolism of different cyanobacterial genomes. Structural features, functional and metabolic information on each protein entry is available on the second page. A search engine on our database can access search forms as NCBI identifier and enzyme name. A user-friendly visualization tool is inbuilt to analyze three-dimensional structure of our homology models integrated in this database


This database record provides a support to decipher the structural and functional roles of cyanobacterial proteins in C1 metabolism. It also affords guidance for experimental setups to exploit the cyanobacteria in bioremediation applications.

Database developed and maintained by,

Mohamed Khaja Hussain M and Prathiviraj R

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